… then there could be a solution if your PC has a motherboard from Asus or Gigabyte. As the iPad does need more power than the 500 mA which a standard USB port provides, the iPad does only charge while in suspend mode if it is connected to a standard USB port and then only very slowly..

I found a software for my Asus motherboard and also for motherboards from Gigabyte which provides a solution for that. I just tried it with my PC and it really works. No experience yet if it does charge as fast as with the Apple charger but at least it charges while beeing used.

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  1. ibo.ezhe says:

    It appears to be a software problem.

    I find out, that you can do it in Ubuntu via several commands (available here iPad charging in Ubuntu)

  2. arthur says:

    its good that apple has very quickly brought in the new ipad 2 after the almost failed iPad 1, which had many issues like overheating, incapable of reading in sunlight, and many other issues. Apple claims that they have solved such issues, but what i have seen is that they have not been able to address the over heating problem which i am having while using it……

  3. Bartholomeu says:

    It appears to be a software problem.

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