Just learned about two small tools for Lotus Quickr (Domino):

Essential Place Catalog

Essential Place Catalog is a Notes database that reads the “Place Catalog” on your Quickr server and puts the information into an easy-to-understand, and easy-on-the-eyes format.

A breeze to install and use, Essential Place Catalog provides you with the information you need for:

  • Information about every Place on your server, such as size, owners, last accessed, etc.
  • Ability to see all the Places a particular person Manages
  • Ability to see all the Places a user is a member of
  • Ability to see all members of a particular Place
  • Ability to see the inactive Places
  • Ability to see the biggest places


Essential File Extractor

One of the many uses for a Quickr server is to organize files into Places.  But what if you need to get all the files off your Quickr server for some reason?  Essential File Extractor is the answer.

With Essential File Extractor, you can extract the files from selected places on a Quickr server onto the file system.   The output goes into the folder specified in the configuration document, and based on the place name.

If you need to get files out of Quickr, there is no quicker way to do it.

Both tools are currently free of charge until end of Lotusphere 2011 and can be downloaded from RPR Wyatt’s website.

RPR Wyatt – Essential Quickr Tools
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