Ed Brill hat ein paar Tips & Tricks für Notes 6 auf seinem Lotus Weblog veröffentlicht, die ich zum Teil auch noch nicht kannte, obwohl ich jetzt Notes 6 schon ne ganze Weile benutze. Weitere Tips sollen demnächst auf der Lotus Webseite veröffentlicht werden.


My colleague Darren Adams has been assembling a list of “25 great things about Notes 6” for one of his customers. Great stuff, and while the document has been written with this one customer in mind, we will try to work on getting a genericized version available on the lotus.com/notes website. In the meantime, here are a couple of interesting tidbits — some of these I didn’t even know myself, and I used to run Notes marketing!

# Drag and drop between window tabs — Say you have a file attachment in a received mail, and now you’re creating a new mail you want to include that file. So what do you do? Open the mail containing the attachment, drag it up to the tab for the new mail, hold it there a second until Notes switches to that mail, and then drag ‘n’ drop the attachment into the text.

# Drag and drop doclinks/view links/database links — Let’s say you want to create a document link that goes to a document in a database view. Just go to the view, grab the document, drag it up to the tab for the new mail, wait for Notes to switch into the mail and then drag ‘n’ drop the link into the text. Alternatively, drag the tab of an open document from the tab area of the Notes client down into the text – that works too. For database links, it’s just as simple… drag a bookmark from the bookmark area straight into the mail.

# Document replication — Imagine if you wanted to take away just the 5 useful documents you’ve found, and not the other 300 in the database. How would you do that in Notes 5? It’s not easy. But in Notes 6, you select the documents, and then just drag ‘n’ drop them onto the replicator bookmark. A dialog box will appear, and give you the option of creating a new replica of the database containing just those documents that you selected.

# Forwarding your calendar as a document — Are you ever asked, “when are you free?” or “can you give me some dates?”. Of course. So use this feature… open your calender, select [Print…] and in the resutling dialog box select “Print calendar to a document”. Select some options (like format and date range) and then click “Preview”. You now have a document that you can forward onto the interested party simply by clicking the “forward” button in the preview.

# Startup folder — under “more bookmarks”, Notes 6 contains a special “Startup” folder. Any bookmarks included here will automatically have window tabs created for them when you launch Notes. We’ve considered the performance impact of this, though — while the tabs are created, the documents are not actually opened until you click the tab. Thus, you get the benefit of the user interface cue, without the possibly-lengthy delays as six documents are accessed concurrently.

Notes 6 Tips & Tricks
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