Ein neues Redbook zum Thema “Migrating from Microsoft Exchange2000/2003 to Lotus Notes and Domino 7” ist im Draft-Status verfügbar. Geplantes Release-Datum ist der 20. Oktobber 2006. Der Inhalt:


Part 1. Why Migrate from Exchange to Notes and Domino
Chapter 1. Why migrate from Exchange 2000 / 2003 to Domino 7
Chapter 2. Overview of the Domino clients
Part 2. Planning for Migration
Chapter 3. Migration project overview
Chapter 4. Overview of the Migration Procedures
Part 3. Coexistence – Tools and Strategies
Chapter 5. Using the Microsoft Exchange Connector for coexistence (Exchange 2000)
Chapter 6. Using the Microsoft Exchange Connector for coexistence (Exchange 2003)
Chapter 7. Using Microsoft Exchange Calendar Connector
Chapter 8. Using the CMT for Exchange and Domino Coexistence
Chapter 9. Using SMTP routing for coexistence
Chapter 10. Co-existence test results – what to expect
Part 4. Migration Process – tools and procedures
Chapter 11. Server level migration Using Domino Upgrade Services
Chapter 12. Migrating local Outlook data using Notes Upgrade Services
Chapter 13. Server Level Migration process using CMT from Binary Tree
Chapter 14. Local Data Migration using the Binary Tree tools
Chapter 15. Migration Results
Part 5. Directory Considerations
Chapter 16. Directory Coexistence Using LDAP
Chapter 17. Active Directory Integration
Part 6. Public Folders and Shared Data
Chapter 18. Public folders for Domino administrators
Chapter 19. Public Folder migration & coexistence using ecKnowledge
Chapter 20. Public Folder migration using CMT migration tool
Chapter 21. Manual migration of Shared / Public data
Chapter 22. Migration of Shared Data
Chapter 23. Migration Project wrap up – Removing the Microsoft Exchange environment
Appendix A. Other migration tools
Appendix B. Migration Procedures – abbreviated overview
Appendix C. Integrating Domino with Sharepoint Portal
Appendix D. Tips for performing a successful migration
Appendix E. Exchange Connector installation checklist
Appendix F. Installing Domino

Neues Redbook “Migrating from Microsoft Exchange2000/2003 to Lotus Notes and Domino 7”
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