If you want to create a customized theme for Lotus Quickr (Services for Domino) you normally start with one of the default themes. I wanted to use the default theme “Quickr (with classic navigation)” and so I activated this theme and afterwards clicked on “Custom Themes” -> “Create Custom Theme”. What I now expected was that if I activate the “Generate” option for all HTML/CSS files I will get the original version of the theme I had activated before (“Quickr (with classic navigation)”).

Unfortunately this seems not to be the case. What I did get was the CSS file of the old Quickplace theme (“Quickplace Classic”) and some HTML files which do not match with any of the standard themes.

So if you want to use a standard theme as starting point for a new theme you should copy the 6 files (StyleSheet.css, Page.htm, Edit.htm, Headlines.htm, ListFolder.htm and SlideShow.htm) from the directory on the server (look here which theme corresponds to which directory). Then you should drag & drop all of the six files to your newly created theme. Then you can start to modify the files as you want.

Lotus Quickr: Problem with customizing themes
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One thought on “Lotus Quickr: Problem with customizing themes

  • 12.09.2007 at 04:28

    I have the same issue, except that I do not have access to the installation files or server.
    I work in a large Corporate environment, although I am granted access to build new theme’s I have nothing to start with.
    I wish someone would post a decent example.


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