Where is the big difference between the look & feel of the Lotus Notes 8 client and the Mac Mail application?

vowe thinks the Mac Mail interface is much better ... I cannot understand that as for me both clients look almost the same ....

Compare this picture

Lotus Notes 8 Client Interface

with the Mac Mail picture vowe has published and then decide by yourself.


You can easily switch off many of the icons if you do not like them and then get the following picture:

Notes-Clinet wih Icons switched off

Where is the difference?
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4 thoughts on “Where is the difference?

  • 28.08.2007 at 23:26

    Simple exercise: Count the number of icons on the Notes screen, divide by the number of icons on the Mac screen. Result: 108 / 24

    Another excercise: Count the number of icons only on toolbars: 52 / 9

    Give or take a few.

  • 29.08.2007 at 07:08

    I had no time to count the icons but I understand: You do not like them. So why not switching them off!?

    The icons on the left side were the result of the docked start menu (which I prefer...). You can easily switch back to the original display.

    You can switch off icons in the smarticon bar which you do not want to display. You can switch off the smarticon bar completly if you like.

    You can customize the way your views are displayed. E.g. you cann switch off all columns which display an icon if you like that better.

    See the second picture above ....


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