When creating custom themes with Quickr Services for Domino I thought that you have to save images into the server’s file system if you want to reference them within your themes files. I just learned that this is not the case.

You can automatically upload them to the Quickr place. To do this, just place your images in the same folder as your HTML/CSS files and reference them without any path name, e.g.

<img src=”demo.gif” /> 

. If you then upload the HTML file, Quickr automatically finds the necessary images and uploads them to the Quickr place. You can also place all images in a subfolder called e.g. “images”. But then you have to include the folder e.g.

<img src=”images/demo.gif” /> 

This is nothing new for anyone familiar with Quickplace (I am not …). I found this information (and other valuable infos, too) in the old redbook “Customizing Quickplace“. Most of the things described in this redbook are still valid for Quickr so maybe it is worth a look.

Quickr: How to include images in custom themes
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