When you are creating new themes for Lotus Quickr (Services for Domino) you normally re-define some of the original CSS style definitions in the file STYLESHEET.CSS.

Sometimes you need to re-define definitions which are not already present in the CSS file of the original theme but seem to be stored somewheer else within Quickr. If you copy these definitions to your STYLESHEET.CSS and change it, it might not be used as the internal definition have a higher priority. This is not true for all of the definitions but it happens sometimes (and I am not sure what are the exact rules).

Nevertheless, if you want to make sure that your definition has priority over the built-in ones you need to add the parameter “!important” to it.


a.h-folderBanner-text:hover, a.h-folderBannerSelected-text:hover {
text-decoration: underline !important;

Lotus Quickr: Enforce CSS definitions
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