While using the wizard to enable LDAP security for Lotus Quickr (J2EE) together with an Domino LDAP directory I alway got the message "Entity does not exist in directory". although I checked every user, group and passwords used I did not find the problem.


I better should have read the documentation in InfoCenter first. 🙂

There it is decribed how to create person documents for the administrative users.

For the user "wpsbind" e.g. you have to add a person document and enter "wpsbind" into the field "Last name". Then, and this is the important thing, you have to enter "wpsbind/DominoDomainName" as the first entry and "wpsbind" as the second entry into the field "Username".

Caution: It is a bit unclear in the documentation what "DominoDomainName" stands for: Sometimes you can read "DominoDomain is your Lotus Domino Internet domain" and sometimes it is "DominoDomain is your Lotus Domino Domain". So, in fact, it is really the Domino domain name of the LDAP server what you have to add after the slash.

You then have to make sure that the full name "wpsbind/DominoDomainName" (or whatever user you created for this purpose) has at least reader access to the Domino directory on the Domino LDAP server. If you have more than one address book added via directory assistance make sure that this user has reader access to all of them. Otherwise, or if one of the address books is not available to the LDAP server when you enable security for Quickr, the wizard may fail with an LDAP error 50.

Within the wizard you enter all users with the following syntax "cn=username,o=DominoDomainName".

If you follow this rules then the wizard should enable LDAP security without a problem.


On one of the wizard's screens you have to enter the "Web server host name". Please make sure that you really enter only the host name without a leading "http://" as it is described in the help for this page. Otherwise enabling security will fail (as last message you will see "Calling ContentModelInitializer" in enable-ldap-security.log).

Configuring Domino LDAP Security with Quickr (J2EE)
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