When uploading files to a Quickr (Portal) library while having installed the "IBM Browser plug-in for documents" and using a forward proxy at the client you might get an "Error 12007" and no files will be uploaded.

The reason for that is that the plugin is using Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) for communicating with the server and WinHTTP is not aware of the proxy settings configured in Internet Explorer.

To configure WinHTTP to use a proxy you first configure the proxy settings correctly in Internet Explorer and afterwards issue the command "proxycfg -u" at the DOS prompt. You can also directly configure the proxy settings for WinHTTP with this utility (look here for more information).

As this tool adds a key within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE you will need to have admin rights on the client to configure this.

The question is why Windows does not configure this correctly when you set a proxy in IE (or at least give the user the possibility to do this via the GUI).


In Windows 7 you should use instead the following commands:

Show current config:      netsh winhttp show proxy

Unset current config:     netsh winhttp reset proxy

Set current config:     netsh winhttp set proxy {proxy address:port} {bypass list}

Lotus Quickr (Portal): Error 12007 when uploading files to library when using proxy server
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