At a customer location we did have the problem that external feeds were not working in the Notes 8 feed reader application. Internal feeds had no problem. Customer was using a proxy server to connect to the Internet.

In the location document the proxy settings including the correct exception list was defined correctly but we could not connect to the feeds on the Internet.

We found out that the file "" in the directory
(under Notes data) did not contain the correct exception list in the line "http.nonProxyHosts=". This line still had an entry in the form "10.*" and trailing "*" characters are not allowed as exception list entries within Notes.

As soons as we corrected this entry the feeds were working without a problem.

We then did some more testing and found out, that changing the proxy exception list in the location document will not change the corresponding line in the file above. It will only be written correctly into this file if the line "http.nonProxyHosts=" is not present in the file. In this case the settings are written correctly. All other settings are updated correctly.

So until this bug is fixed as a workaround you can change the line "http.nonProxyHosts=" in the file "" to the correct settings.

BTW: Im quite sure that this file will be used in Notes 8.0.1 for widgets also. So if you have problems here have also a look into this file.

Notes 8: External feeds are not working in feed reader behind a proxy
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5 thoughts on “Notes 8: External feeds are not working in feed reader behind a proxy

  • 04.04.2008 at 18:44

    thanks for this info. But I found that a bit was not explicitly mentioned here.
    I had looked at the file and saw that mine did not have any entry for http.nonProxyHosts=. Therefore, I thought I should be working.
    But I found that I needed to at least put something into the exceptions list on my Locations document. Just putting "localhost" seemed to be enough.
    That added the line to the file in question, and I now have feeds.

    thanks so much for you info.

  • 24.08.2009 at 14:16

    Thanks all.

    This had been driving me crazy for weeks.


  • 16.09.2009 at 10:34

    Using 8.5 FP1 and even if the files are now update properly there is still the problem with using wildcard (*). I was using both RSS feeds and Activity server and neither worked. The firewall guy could show from the log that my Notes client skipped the proxy server and went straight for the kill with no success.

    As soon as the wildcards were gone from the proxy exeption list both the RSS feeds and the activity server came back to life.


  • 04.12.2010 at 07:55

    It is still not working for me on Notes 8.5.2. Its giving the error - "Unable to download a feed from host, server returned error code 307". I've put in the correct proxy, port, exception list(only localhost) etc. My proxy requires user login, but I can't put it in the location document since the user name exceeds the limit of 23 characters. Will this be a problem? Embedded browser in Notes works fine with the same proxy settings!

    Please suggest me a solution!


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