POP3 Collect for Lotus Domino

by Michael Urspringer - 22.03.2008

Andy Brunner has created a Domino server add-in task which collects mails from POP3 servers and forwards them to an SMTP server (so they could be send to the users mail files).

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4 Responses to POP3 Collect for Lotus Domino

  1. Curt Carlson [Visitor] says:

    My Notes client can do this for me and has for many years….why would I need the Domino server to do it for me?

  2. I wanted this a couple of years ago to gather all email from externally hosted accounts into 1 mailbox on my domino server. I did it with a fetchmail configuration, but this is much nicer. Thanks for the tip

  3. Some may use this tool for SMB installations, where the mail accounts are not hosted on the Domino server itself. Other would like to make sure that the POP3 mail fetching is done centrally on a server as opposed to reading them from clients.

    So far from what I have heard, many different configurations are in use with this tool.

    Andy Brunner

  4. Thomas says:

    Nice tool – I’ve been using it for years and it seemed to work fine.
    Unfortunately I’ve now discovered a serious bug, which is causing emails to get lost.

    Emails with attachments that have a specific format (not the file type, not the size, …its the content !) wont be fetched correctly.

    Result : the email is deleted from the server but not transmitted to the target yet.
    Very sad… hope the author can help

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