Quickr (Domino) “remembers” old place names

by Michael Urspringer - 27.03.2008

After I did a clean re-install of Quickr on my demo Domino server I noticed that Quickr seems to remember some old place names although I was really sure that I cleaned up all references (PLACECATALOG.NSF, mail-in database entries etc.). It was very strange that on the Domino console you could still read messages like

27.03.2008 07:13:15 HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - File does not exist [/LotusQuickr/stanadardblog/Main.nsf/stories.rss?OpenPage]
27.03.2008 07:13:15 Place does not exist or is marked for deletion. [/LotusQuickr/openplace/Main.nsf/h_Toc/CE6A3D6B1F546C9405256708001671FF/?OpenDocument&Form=h_Atom]

If you look at the URL you can see that all URLs relate to ATOM feeds. I then checked my Firefox browser bookmarks and found some old live bookmarks which pointed to these no longer existing feed URLs.

After deleting them the strange messages were gone 🙂

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