After I did a clean re-install of Quickr on my demo Domino server I noticed that Quickr seems to remember some old place names although I was really sure that I cleaned up all references (PLACECATALOG.NSF, mail-in database entries etc.). It was very strange that on the Domino console you could still read messages like

LogQuickr (Domino) "remembers" old place names Quickr (Domino) "remembers" old place names Quickr (Domino) "remembers" old place names 
27.03.2008 07:13:15 HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - File does not exist [/LotusQuickr/stanadardblog/Main.nsf/stories.rss?OpenPage]
27.03.2008 07:13:15 Place does not exist or is marked for deletion. [/LotusQuickr/openplace/Main.nsf/h_Toc/CE6A3D6B1F546C9405256708001671FF/?OpenDocument&Form=h_Atom]

If you look at the URL you can see that all URLs relate to ATOM feeds. I then checked my Firefox browser bookmarks and found some old live bookmarks which pointed to these no longer existing feed URLs.

After deleting them the strange messages were gone 🙂

Quickr (Domino) “remembers” old place names
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