Lotus business partner Peters Technology Group in the US together with Lotus Development has created a template for Quickr (Domino) which combines the team place functionality with the functionality of blogs and wikis.

Unlike the QSite template of SNAPPS (which was mainly created for demonstration purposes of what is possible) this template has only the minimum of code and agents inside and can be used also in production environments.

You can download the template after registration.

Currently this template is not supported by IBM but there are ongoing discussions to change this in near future.

Update: Peters Technology group just updated the templates for use with Quickr 8.1 and have also provided now own templates with only teamplace & wiki and teamplace & blog in addition to all three ones.

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4 Responses to Teamplace for Quickr (Domino) with combined blogs and wikis

  1. Jen [Visitor] says:

    Does this work on 8.1?

  2. Sorry, did not have a chance to test it yet. If you want to give it a try I would be very happy if you can share the results here on ym blog 🙂

  3. Jen [Visitor] says:

    blsQPBlog is undefined, the other areas seem to work. Although I cant seem to get the placebots signed.

  4. Thanks!

    If I have a minute I will give it a try also.

    But it seems that we should wait until this template will be “officially” released …

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