SNAPPS has just released their AnyPlace Sitemap tool for Lotus Quickr FOR FREE! You had to pay US-$ 2.000 before :!:

With this tool you can very easily create a site map (a small pop-up window with all your Quickr folders and documents) from where you can easily navigate to any of the documents. See this example:


AnyPlace SiteMap

It can be implemented in any Quickr place by any place manager, no development is needed. You can customize what information is displayed (e.g. you can hide things as security, members, customize etc.).

Other AnyPlace products will be published free in the near future, as described here.

Download it from here.

Update: AnyPlace Designer has already been published there also. It is a Dreamweaver extension which helps to create themes for Quickr (Domino).

SNAPPS released their AnyPlace SiteMap for Quickr at no cost
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