Add Quickr places to connectors via HTML link

by Michael Urspringer - 02.05.2008

You can add Quickr places automatically to the Quickr connectors via an HTML link by using the following syntax for the link:


where “_PLACENAME_” must be replaced by the URL and “” must be replaced by the full qualified name of your server (including port information if other than port 80 is used).

For SSL connections you can use “quickrs:” instead of “quickr:“.

If the server is not already known to your connectors you will be asked for the credentials.

This syntax is only valid for Quickr (Services for Domino). If anyone has a hint how to do this with Quickr places on Quickr (Portal Services) please leave a comment.

You can use such a link e.g. on the welcome page of your place to make it easier for your users to add the place to their connector.

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7 Responses to Add Quickr places to connectors via HTML link

  1. Adrian [Visitor] says:

    Can you clarify what an actual url would look like (except for the server name of course). I’m having trouble getting this to work.


  2. Hi Adrian,

    sure. Assume your are accessing your place with the web browser via the following URL:

    Then the URL to add this place to your connector should look like:


    Please contact me via mail if you still have problems (and be aware that this works this way with Quickr (Domino) only!

  3. TMM [Visitor] says:

    Do you know if there’s a similar simple way to do this with Quickr J2EE?

  4. I am currently investigating this … will update as soon as I do know more.

  5. Adrian [Visitor] says:


    Thanks for the help Michael.


  6. Great tip, thanks Michael…

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