While initiating a chat session in the embedded Sametime client of Lotus Notes 8.0.1 I got the message “A Runtime Error has occured. Do you wish to debug? Line: 0 Error: Object expected”.

This also happened when another person started a chat with me.

The solution was to check the following options in Internet Explorer (Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced):

Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
Disable Script Debugging (Other)

I also unchecked the option “Display a notification about every script error”.

After that the embedded Sametime client worked as expected again.

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3 Responses to Embedded Sametime client in Notes 8.0.1 generates “Runtime Error” message

  1. Try disabling JavaScript debugging in IE. That should fix it.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    I think that “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) /
    Disable Script Debugging (Other)” was the option you meant?

    That was what I did and it worked for me.

  3. Andy [Visitor] says:

    Unfortunately this is a block to rollout for us. We simply cant turn off disable script debugging for a large group of java/html developers… Its essential to their job.

    I have escalated to IBM L2 and they say it wont be fixed until 8.0.2. This is ridiculous.

    Anyone have other ideas for a workaround?


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