Quickr 8.1 (Domino) issues with ODS48

by Michael Urspringer - 14.05.2008

I recently ran into strange problems with response documents in the Quickr discussion folder. The main topics appeared correctly but all response documents did only appear in the index view and not in the discussion folder itself.

Every time I ran “load qptool -f -p placename” on the console all missing response documents magically appeared again.

The reason for that strange behaviour was the ODS 48 of the Quickr databases on this server. As soon as I switched back the ODS to 43 (“load compact -r”) and restarted the server new response documents were visible again.

You might need to run “load qptool -f -p placename” to make sure that older docuemnts will appear also.

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2 Responses to Quickr 8.1 (Domino) issues with ODS48

  1. Kamal Rij [Visitor] says:

    Don’t you mean
    load qptool upgrade -f -p placename

  2. Yes, that was what I meant. I wanted to make clear that you should not write “placename” but the real nam eof your place. That was why I added the “_”. But it seems that this leads toconfusion so I just corrected it. Thanks for your feedback.

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