If you are using Domino LDAP together with Quickr and you create new users by just manually creating new person documents, you have to make sure that you make the user names hierarchical. So e.g. add “Firstname Lastname/Acme” as the first line in the username field, and then “Firstname Lastname” as the second line.

As Quickr does not support flat names you will see strange things happening otherwise (e.g. in the member list “No Access” is displayed for members with a flat name etc.)

Flat user names in Domino LDAP not supported by Quickr
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7 thoughts on “Flat user names in Domino LDAP not supported by Quickr

  • 20.05.2008 at 16:15

    I get same result if a select a Group from NAB. Question is, will the group work correct anyway or is it a BUG.

  • 21.05.2008 at 07:11

    Please note that flat user names are not supported since Notes/Domino 7 (please see TechNote 1236432), so this should not bother anyone in a real-world scenario.

  • 21.05.2008 at 09:24

    Gerd, you are fully right. If you are using users which were created via admin client (and having a Notes ID file) flat users should no longer occur.

    If you are creating users manually by just creating a person document in the directory, you manually have to make sure that use add a certifier to the user name. Otherwise these users are handled as flat users.

  • 25.11.2008 at 14:45

    We see this happening only when adding Members to
    a place who are listed as Administrators of the
    domino and quickr server. All other names entered
    as members get the correct access listed in the
    member list. Our quickr uses LDAP on different
    server in the same domain.
    Any idea why this might be?

  • 25.11.2008 at 19:58

    Helle, I remember a bug which might be the reason for that in your environment. Currently not sure if it is already fixed in the current fixpack Do you already have installed this FP?

  • 02.12.2008 at 16:00

    The FP we have installed is


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