Creating relative links in Quickr (Domino)

by Michael Urspringer - 07.10.2008

Sometimes you may need to create a link to an internal page or document within a Quickr place. Although you can easily do this by using the smarticon of the rich text editor, these links contain the full qualified hostname, port and placename.

So these links will fail if one of these parameters will change. It will fail e.g. if you use a place as the master of a placetype. In all newly created places such links will still point to the original place and will no longer work.


Although there I currently no easy way to create relative links within Quickr (Domino) there is a workaround, which might work at least for some of the use cases:

Assume you have a URL which links to a document which looks like this:

To make this a relative link you can change this to the following URL:


In case you have a link pointing to a sub-room like

you should change it to


This will work as the name of the pagelibrary will not change if you create a new place.

So now as we know how to build the correct URL we can use this whenever we create a link to an internal page.

But there are still three things to keep in mind:

1. These relative links cannot be used with the smarticon in the rich text editor as they will automatically converted to full links. Instead you have to use the HTML view in the editor and manually insert the relative URL to the text.

2. Whenever you edit such a document the links automtically will be converted to full links again and need to be edited afterwards.

3. I did not find a solution yet to use link pages with relative links as they will automatically set “http://” before the relative URL which makes it unusable. So if anybody has a solution for that …

So to summarize: This is a workaround which might work for some use cases but not for all. There is an enhancement request created to address this in a future release.

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2 Responses to Creating relative links in Quickr (Domino)

  1. Duane [Visitor] says:

    The only way that I’ve found to make relative links with the link page, is to create a link page with the full url. Then go in afterwards and update the h_URLpointer field programmatically.


  2. Thanks, Duane. Yes, that works as I just verified. Unfortunately this is suitable for an admin but not for a normal user

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