I was aksed how you can switch between the Quickr Entry and Quickr Full after you have installed the server (you can choose which one to install during the setup routine!).

If the server is already installed you can control the behaviour via the NOTES.INI parameter “QRD_InstallType”. The following values are valid:

QRD_InstallType=1:  Quickr Entry version
QRD_InstallType=2:  Quickr Standard version with Entry
QRD_InstallType=3:  Quickr Standard version without Entry

With the last parameter you can suppress the links to Quickr Entry if you do not want to deploy it.

Please be aware: If you switch from Quickr Entry to Standard you have a legal requirement to make sure that you are paying for the appropriate licenses!

How to switch between Quickr (Domino) Entry and Full version
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