If you have installed one of the newer versions of the Quickr connectors you are no longer able to update the connectors via an unattended installation as described in this posting. If you are using a command line similar to

qkrconn.exe /install /quiet  ADDLOCAL=WindowsExplorer,MicrosoftOffice

the installation will fail if there is already a connector installed. To solve this issue you need to use the following command line:

qkrconn.exe /install /quiet  REINSTALL=WindowsExplorer,MicrosoftOffice

For a new installation you still need to use “ADDLOCAL” instead of “REINSTAL” so your software distribution package should check if a connector is already installed and use th correct parameter.

Unattended upgrade of Quickr connectors
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3 thoughts on “Unattended upgrade of Quickr connectors

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  • 24.11.2009 at 12:55

    Hello there,

    After launching this command, here is the result:

    Quickr code got installed, but it disappeared from MS Office and from Lotus Notes.
    If I try to reinstall the connectors manually via Add/Remove programs I can see that Lotus Notes and MS Office are unselected.

    Any advice ?

    Thank you for all your help !

  • 25.11.2009 at 17:10

    Not sure about MS-Office (this component should be installed with the command above). However, the Notes plugin will not be installed as it is not selected in the command. For the Notes plugin you need to add “LotusNotes” in the ADDLOCAL parameter (REINSTALL=WindowsExplorer,MicrosoftOffice,LotusNotes) and you also need a parameter for the Notes install path e.g. “QC_NOTES_TARGET_FOLDER=C:\Notes”. Please have a look here for more detailed information.


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