Running Windows Sysinternals Tools Online

by Michael Urspringer - 15.03.2010

The Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Tools can now directly be started from a file share in the Internet. You do no longer need to download and install the tools to your local hard drive before you can use them.

Just map a network drive to the following share : “\\\tools”


Running Windows Sysinternals Tools Online
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2 Responses to Running Windows Sysinternals Tools Online

  1. John James says:

    I’m not sure about you, but doing something like that makes me nervous. Running something remotely that can read from my OS…

    Who knows what information may be shared… Not saying that anything is shared, but goes against my personal best practices…

  2. Agreed. However: I cannot see a difference whether I download the tool (from the same source… as this is the same source as if you use your browser to download it) and run it from my local drive or directly running it from a network drive.

    If you have concerns against the Sysinternals tools in general then it would be best not to use it anyhow.

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