I had the issue that the DB2 control center did no longer start. You just saw a command windows and the splash screen appearing and both disappeared after a few seconds. The solution was to cleanup some files.

On Windows go to “c:\documents and settings\allusers\application data\ibm\db2\db2copy1\db2”. Now delete the following files:


Go also to the “c:\documents and settings\allusers\application data\ibm\db2\db2copy1\db2\tmp” directory and delete the temporary files which are there. Afterwards you DB2 control center should start again.

Solving an issue with DB2 Control Center no longer starting
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3 thoughts on “Solving an issue with DB2 Control Center no longer starting

  • 21.07.2010 at 21:48

    I just found out from IBM how to fix the same problem, as you describe. The problem is that we have many developers that potentially may have the same problem and we cannot allow each one of them to poke into areas where they can do damage. We need a better solution from IBM that recovers gracefully. I am currently with IBM on this issue, so hopefully they will be able to provide a better solution.

    • 16.08.2011 at 09:34

      Hi Dan,

      Did IBM come back to you with a better solution for the ‘DB2 control center not starting’ problem?

      If so, I would be interested to know before I try the solution mentioned above by Michael Urspringer.


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