While trying to connect a Quickr 8.5 (Domino) server to an ECM system (IBM Content Manager) we were not able to login via the Quickr Web UI. Although we did implement all things described in the this Developerworks article we always got the error "Access to remote server <hostname> has not been granted".

It seemed that the Domino proxy was unable to sent the request. We enabled debugging by adding the following lines to the file "logging.properties" in <Domino program>\jvm\lib:

java.util.logging.FileHandler.pattern = c:\\jdklog.txt
java.util.logging.FileHandler.formatter = java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter

com.ibm.dwa.service.proxy.level = ALL

In the file "c:\jdklog.txt" you could find the confirmation that there is an issue with the policy:

Policy does not allow request for /xsp/proxy/BasicProxy/http/HOSTNAME.acme.com:9080/dm/atom/libraries/feed

However the policy itself looked fine and we did not see any issue.

It took some time to find the root cause:

In the policy you need to add the URL for proxy whitelisting like "http://HOSTNAME.acme.com:9080" and we added the host name in capital letters By doing so we were not able to connect via the WebUI regardless if we used capital or lower case letters in the host name.

As we changed the URL in the policy document to lower case letters only, then we suddenly could connect via the Web UI both with upper and lower case letters without any problems.

So just in case you might have a similar issue, do only use lower case letters ...

"Access to remote server ... has not been granted" / Quickr 8.5 (Domino) & ECM
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