Please check if you do have the parameter “h_VersionType” in your NOTES.INI of a Quickr 8.5 (Domino) server. This parameter was used to make sure that documents which were created with a pre-8.1 release of Quickr do have versioning enabled. (see this wiki article).

If you do have that parameter in your NOTES.INI you really should remove it as otherwise you get strange results e.g. while creating custom forms and maybe during other operations as well. Also server console messages like “You are not authorized to perform this operation [/dm/atom/library/….”…] might occur because of that.

From my point of view the problem will be introduced if the parameter is present during creation of a place so you should really delete that parameter immediately as otherwise new places will be affected even if you remove the parameter later.

Problem is logged in the meantime as SPR# DWHN89XL95 and APAR LO55323 but there is not yet a statement if and when it will be fixed.

So again: Remove “h_VersionType” from NOTES.INI NOW

Quickr 8.5 (Domino): Remove h_VersionType from NOTES.INI
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