Customer reported the following Quickr 8.5.1 (Domino) problems:

  • Error message on the Domino console “QPWS: Error. Could not open temp file <..> to read.”
  • Users can upload documents via WebUI and Quickr connector but the documents appear to be empty and no attachment is inside.
  • Users get the message “Unknown Error: 500” in te connector while trying to open existing documents.

The root cause for that issue seemed to be a large number of files in the Windows temp directory (“C:\WINDOWS\TEMP”). There were more than 64k files inside the temp directory. After deleting all files and restarting Domino everything worked fine again.

Although there is no limit of 64k files in one folder with NTFS as far as I know, there is a limitation of the “GetTempFileName” function which can only create a maximum of 65,535 unique file names. However this is only a guess by myself…


Quickr: “QPWS: Error. Could not open temp file …”
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