It is not really new but just to make sure anybody is aware of it:

In earlier versions of Quickr, creating a new SEARCH.NSF for a  Quickr place was a manual process. With Quickr 8.5.1 and a current fixpack level (not sure which fixpack exactly introduced it…) you do have a QPTOOL command available to do the job.

Just run delete the existing SEARCH.NSF of a Quickr place and create it by running the following command on the Domino console:

load qptool createsearch -p <placename>

I recommend to do that every time you e.g. move a place from one server to another. In case you do have a Domino cluster, be also aware of the fact that the SEARCH.NSF is not a replica and needs to be created on all cluster members seperately (The QPTOOL REPLICAMAKER command will take care of that automatically).

Lotus Quickr (Domino): Create a new SEARCH.NSF
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