I just found a great replacement for the LDAP Browser from Softerra which I normally used:

JXplorer - an open source LDAP browser - http://jxplorer.org/.

JXplorer is also free and does have, among others, the following nice features:

  • It can also write to the LDAP
  • Search filters can be created with a dialog (especially useful for me as I am not an LDAP specialist ;-))
  • LDIF files can be loaded and can be browsed
  • also working with Linux, AIX etc.

A small disadvantage is that you cannot save the passwords for your LDAP servers which you have defined. However this can be solved by registering the tool (US-$ 10) and getting access to the JXWorkBench plugin. You will get some more features with that plugin as well.

JXplorer - a powerful open source LDAP browser
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