If you have a IBM Sametime Media Manager server installed in your Sametime environment the Conference Manager component will try to connect to all Community servers in its own Sametime community. If, for whateveer reason, the Conference Manager is not in the list of trusted IPs on a Community server or not reachable you will get messages like the following:

[4/19/11 16:09:47:084 EDT] 00000045 ServerManager >
com.lotus.sametime.telephonymanager.cluster.ServerManager loggedOut
ENTRY Logged out from: CN=NotATrustingCommServer/O=YourOrg due to ST
reason: -2147483108, desc: ST_CONNECT_NOT_PRIVILEGED, event:
com.lotus.sametime.community.LoginEvent Id: 80000002

[4/19/11 16:08:45:006 EDT] 0000003c ServerManager >
com.lotus.sametime.telephonymanager.cluster.ServerManager loggedOut
ENTRY Logged out from: CN=NotAParticipatingCommServer/O=YourOrg due to ST
reason: -2147483129, desc: ST_CONNECT_HOST_UNREACHABLE, event:
com.lotus.sametime.community.LoginEvent Id: 80000002

The Media Manager must successfully connect to all community servers that it knows of for Telephony to function.
For Community servers that should be omitted from this connect you can blacklist these on the Media server thus preventing this connection attempt from occurring.

  • Open the properties directory under the Media Server (Conference Manager) application profile (E.g. D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\STMSPNProfile2\properties)
  • Add a file with the following name: st.telephony.adapter.properties
  • In this file, add 2 entries:

connecting.server.dns=<host name>

where <list> is a semicolon separated list of servers to be excluded.

The server to be excluded must match exactly the name from the Community Server cluster configuration. If you have only one item in the list you don't need a separator.

The first entry, connecting.server.dns, is for the name of the community server cluster node. It is actually overridden by the MediaServer configuration so you don't need to set it to the actual server name, but you need to set it to something to prevent a SEVERE error from being logged. Just set any value so it is not null. I have set it to the host name of the first community server in my cluster.

If you have a cluster of MediaServers you need to put this file on every MediaServer server in the cluster.

IBM Sametime: Blacklisting Community servers for Media Servers
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