A customer just asked how he can prevent that Sametime uses the e-mail address of a user to create the ID of a meeting room. Because of that the user's e-mail address is beeing revealed to everyone which might not be something we would like to do especially on external meeting servers.

There is already a solution for that available which is described in this technote.

Before you can use that feature you will need to install hotfix JJON-8WGPF9 or later on your meeting server(s). If you are not only using web based meetings but also the meeting rooms in the Sametime client you will also need to use the ST client version 20120207-1900 or later.

After activating that feature newly created rooms will use a unique ID independent from the mail address. Older rooms however will still have the same ID as before.

Be aware: UUID based rooms are not backward compatible i.e you will not be able to use them via older Sametime clients. But rooms created via older clients will still be usable in the updated clients.

[Tnx to Vincent]

Secure IBM Sametime Meetings URL
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