If you configure IBM Connections 4 behind a load balancer which does SSL termination you are unable to login. This is because Connections does force SSL for the login page. So even if you access Connections via HTTP during login, the WAS server redirects you to HTTPS access. The load balancer changes that to HTTP again and so you are in an endless loop.

The solution is described in this technote (which is originally for Websphere Portal Server). However it solves the issue also for IBM Connections.

  • First, you need to tell your load balancer to insert an additional HTTP header variable (the name does not matter).
  • Then open the Websphere Administrative Console.
  • For each Connections application server you go to "Servers --> Application Servers --> <AppServer Name> -> Web Container --> Custom Properties" and add a new property called "HttpsIndicatorHeader". In the value field you enter the nam eof the HTTP header field which the load balancer inserts.
  • After restarting you arpplication servers, the login should be possible again
IBM Connections 4: SSL Termination on Load Balancer
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