By default IBM Connections Metrics reports can be displayed in three different dimensions: Geography, Department and Role. If you want to change this to other profile fields you can do that as described in this link:

However you need to do some additional steps in order to populate the database with the new values and also to get rid of the old values in the report. Here are the steps I have done:

  1. Change the definition as described in the link above, e.g. I changed two dimensions to use custom extension attributes “xxxcountry” and “xxxdepartment” which I defined in Profiles. So I changed the following lines in the metrics-config.xml:
    <!-- <mapping metricsName="attribute1" profilesName=""/> -->
    <mapping metricsName="attribute1" profilesName=""/>
    <!-- <mapping metricsName="attribute2" profilesName=""/> -->
    <mapping metricsName="attribute2" profilesName=""/>
    <mapping metricsName="attribute3" profilesName=""/>
  2. Make a full synchronisation of your Connections nodes and restart the metrics application.
  3. On the Deployment Manager, run the following wsadmin commands in order to update the data in the metrics database:wsadmin>execfile(“”)
  4. Check the database table METRICS.F_TRX_USERS if the data for the attributes is correct. If this is not the case do the following commands:a. clear the METRICS.F_TRX_USERS.UPDATE_TS column for all users
    b. run http://<server>/metrics/service/PopUserMetadata.jsp to sync the user’s data
    c. check the data in f_trx_users table again
  5. Go to your “CognosConfig” directory (the one you used to install Cognos) and run the command “cognos-configure-update.bat”
  6. Go to the directory where you have installed Cognos Transformer (e.g. “D:\IBM\CognosTF”) ” and rebuild the cubes by running “<Cognos Transformer>\metricsmodel\build-all.bat”. This can take a long time depending on you amount of metrics data!

After doing these steps the new data was successfully displayed for the three dimensions.

IBM Connections 4.5 Metrics: Changing user profile attributes for report dimensions
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