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by Michael Urspringer - 18.10.2014

If you work with products like IBM Connections, IBM Sametime etc. you need a tool to view all the Websphere logs without the need to manually open them one by one. I used Baretail if the log files were on a Windows server and Multitail for log files on Linux machines. What I missed was a tool which let me see both Windows and Linux log files together on my Windows workstation.

I just found Log Expert which seems to be exactly what I need. It lets you open files from your local disk, from a Windows file share or from a Linux server via SFTP. It has all the functionality of Baretail Pro and is completely free.

Sample of all the relevant log files of my IBM Connections 5 test system:


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2 Responses to Logviewer for Windows

  1. stoeps13 says:

    Thanks for sharing, seems really more useful than baretail.

  2. Baretail has the disadvantage that it cannot open Linux files via SFTP. I am really missing two things with Logviewer: Saving of credentials and accessing via SSH keyfile …

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