IBM Connections 5: NextGen theme not displayed

by Michael Urspringer - 22.10.2014

After installation of IBM Connections 5.0 the new look & feel (NextGen UI) is not displayed. The UI still looks like the old 4.5 theme. In addition you find the following error in the SystemOut.log

net.jazz.ajax.internal.util.TraceSupport error A dependency on "" could not be resolved.

The reason seems to be some stale data in the WAS temp directory. To solve the issue, shutdown the Connections servers and delete the content from the following directory:

{WAS Install Dir}/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv1/temp/{nodeName}

Then restart the servers again. The theme should now be displayed correctly.


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  1. Urs Meli says:

    Thanks for this tip. This saved my day after upgrade to Connections 5 CR1 ….

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