After upgrading IBM Connections 5.0 to  5.0 CR2 and upgrading the FileNet Content Navigator you see the error “CIWEB2039 – The AccePlugin plug-in contains errors” if you try to load the ACCE (Filenet Admin Console). To resolve that, add the following line to the HTTPD.CONF of your web server(s) and restart the web server(s):

SetEnvIf Request_URI ^/acce(.*) no-gzip dont-vary


You might also need to clear your browser cache. Afterwards the ACCE should load successfully again.

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3 Responses to FileNet Content Navigator: “CIWEB2039 – The AccePlugin plug-in contains errors”

  1. David McCarthy says:

    Thanks again Michael.
    FYI, this info has been added to our official documentation and will appear here in the coming days:

  2. Thanks, Dave. Even better!

  3. Yufan says:

    Hi We also found an error “CIWEB 2039, DatePlugin plugin contains errors” it looks like when dojo “Require {icm/util/Util}”, the icm package cannot be loaded. Could you help to provide your suggestion?

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