By default Jitsi Meet is open for everyone. So everyone can just put in a name for a conference room and start a conference. As my Jitsi Meet instance is not running on a dedicated server but shares the server with other important functions like DNS, mail etc., I do not want that everyone is using Jitsi without my permission.

So I needed to add some kind of authentication to Jitsi which means, that only certain authenticated users can start a conference. Once started everyone then can join the conference without further authentication just like before.

The steps to provide that, are documented in this article under the subject “Secure domain”.

I just followed the steps 1 to 4 and it worked fine afterwards.

Just to know: The additional virtual host which you need to create in Prosody (in the example named “” is only existing internally so you do NOT need to create that hostname in your DNS.

Now if someone enters a conference room, Jitsi tells the user to wait until the conference has been started or, if you are owner, to open the conference by entering your Prosody user and password.

As soon as the conference room has been opened, all other clients can just join the conference. The room is then available until the last participant is leaving the room. During that time, all users can enter without authentication.

Add Authentication to Jitsi Meet
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