Today we had a user who was unable to edit his profile information in HCL Connections 6.5. As soon as he clicked “Save” on his profile page he got the error

"CLFRN1198E: Your session timed out or a server error occurred. Please resubmit your changes."

In the SystemOut.log of the Profiles server we saw the following error regarding to that user:

[18/01/21 10:28:31:041 CET] 0000042b APIErrorActio E execute Illegal character in authority at index 7: http://- / -                        Illegal character in authority at index 7: http://- / -        at$        at$Parser.parseAuthority(        at$Parser.parseHierarchical(        at$Parser.parse(        at<init>(        at

The reason for this problem was, that the user did enter the characters “- / -” in all profile fields, where he would not want to enter any data to show that there is no data available. Unfortunately he did also enter these characters in the field “Blog URL”. Connections wanted to convert the value into a valid HTML link and was unable to do so. The error message, which was displayed to the user, did not give a real hint to the root cause of the problem.

As soon as he removed the characters from that field, he was able to save the profile again.

HCL Connections 6.5: Error CLFRN1198E
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