Today I was portable QRV on a small hill near my home QTH and was testing my new AlexLoop Magentic Loop Antenna. Unfortunately the band conditions were not very good today due to some magnetic turbulence, so I am not able to really say something about this antenna.

I made only 7 QSOs, all within Europe and the farthest contact was to the island of Thassos in Greece, which was about 1600 km (with 10 Watts, SSB).

All reports, I got, were not really good. I was readable but with a very low signal.

However, I really had no QRM at all on all bands. Even on 40 m, where I have S7-S8 at home with my random wire antenna during daytime, there was really no QRM at all. There was some QRN from lightning later in the afternoon, but I still could read signals where the S-meter did not move 😉

The antenna has one real benefit: It comes with a handy backpack with some smaller pockets were you can store all the stuff you need. I am QRV 6 minutes after arrival and it does not need much space. I will not be able to do so with a wire antenna 😉

So, I will try again if the band conditions are in a better shape and we will see how this antenna compares to a random wire antenna in a tree.

Testing my new AlexLoop

Testing my new AlexLoop
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