Nach Installation des Service Packs 2 bei WinXP kann es zu Problemen beim Anzeigen mancher Webseiten kommen. Grund ist die aktivierte Unterstützung von IPv6 nach der Service Pack-Installation:

For example, this problem may occur when a Windows client computer that is running IPv6 tries to access a Web site. The Windows client will try to resolve the host name (for example, on behalf of applications that support both IPv6 and IPv4. To do this, the Windows client will query for both “AAAA” records and “A” records, unless the application specifies which protocol to use. If the DNS server replies with an authoritative response that returns NXDOMAIN or NAME_ERROR, Windows will return this response to applications, such as Internet Explorer. Because of this, the application will fail to resolve the host name and will be unable to access the site. Note that Windows clients will also cache this negative response. This prevents additional queries for this name from succeeding until the client cache is cleared.

Microsoft empfiehlt als Abhilfe:

To resolve this problem, contact the administrator of the site that you are having problems with. The DNS administrator of the site should contact the manufacturer of their DNS product for help resolving this issue. This may require an upgrade to the DNS server product or a change in the configuration of the DNS server or servers.

Und wenn der Admin keine Lust hat was zu unternehmen, sollte man besser gleich den IPv6-Support disablen, denn er ist derzeit sowieso nicht unbedingt notwendig. Um dies zu tun, einfach den folgenden Befehl eingeben:

netsh interface ipv6 uninstall

IPv6 Support in Win XP SP2 kann Probleme machen
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