When trying to install the Lotus Quickr Offline components you might get the following error message:

Unable to download file German.dat. The German language resources are not supported by the server.



Quickr uses the DOLS (Domino Offline Services) components for offline usage. The server tries to display DOLS specific messages in the language which is defined in the default locale for Windows.

So if the defaut locale in Windows is set to “German” the server tries to display the messages in the German language.

To avoid this message you either have to switch your locale to English (which normally is not desired…) or you can enforce the server to display all DOLS related messages in English by adding the following key to the Windows registry:


If you want to display the messages in the default language of the locale (e.g. in German) you should be able to do this by installing the multi-language pack on your Domino server. (I did not verify this by myself!)


I just tested it with the German language pack for Domino installed and it works without the need to use the registry key mentioned above (and in this case the german DOLS software will be downloaded).

IBM Lotus Quickr: Error when trying to install offline-components
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