To display non-English characters correctly you must set up the server to generate output using UTF-8 encoding. See the Installation section of the infocenter for more information. I would recommend to do this always even if you are using an English server.

To enable people who use double-byte character set (DBCS) languages, such as Japanese or Chinese, to use My Places, you must enable single sign-on authentication on the server. In addition, you have to add the NOTES.INI variable “Country_Language=xx[-xx]” to configure the DBCS language to use. You have to re-index all views in the place catalog afterwards. See the Configuring section of the infocenter for more information.

Please be aware that you have to use an external directory to support DBCS languages within user names This is not supported with the Quickr internal directory.

IBM Lotus Quickr: International Language Support
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