While trying to customize the default Quickr themes you will find various class or id names which are referenced in the HTML code but are not present in the STYLESHEET.CSS for that theme (e.g. class="actionLink", class="qpg_bannerTitle", class="workspaceBgEdit" etc.).

You are able to redefine these styles in the STYLESHEET.CSS file but it would be nice to use the original definitions as a basis and change only the settings you need.

To check out the original definitions you can open the file ..\LotusQuickr\AreaTypes\HaikuCommonForms.ntf with the Designer client and look into the subform "h_CommonStylesheet".

You should not update the definitions within this file even if you want to have the change in all places as this file might be overwritten with every release update (and even with fixes as you can see in the first hot fix package). So all changes should go in the STYLESHEET.CSS file of a custom theme.

Update: See also here!

Lotus Quickr: Redefine standard CSS definitions for themes
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