There is an integraded RSS feed reader within the Lotus Notes 8 client. As there were several people asking how to use this feed reader with feeds which require authentication here is a description of how to set this up:


Assume you want to access the following authenticated feed:


First, you need to create an account for the server. Go to “File -> Preferences -> Accounts” and click “New”.

As “Account name” you can choose whatever you want. I am normally using the server name which in this case would be “”.

In “Description” you can provide some more information if you like.

As “Type” you choose “HTTP / HTTPS”.

In the “Server” field you put in the server part of the URL including the “HTTP://”. In our example this would be “”.

Then choose “Use direct log in or single sign-on” and put your user name and password for authenticating into th efields “Name” and “Password”.

Notes 8 Account Settings

Check “Allow other account to use this login information” if you do have more than one server which requires you to enter the same user name and password (as we do e.g. have within IBM as we can use one account for most of our Intranet servers). In this cas you can put in the credentials into one account and in all other accounts you select “Use name and pasword of an existing account” and choose the account where you entered the credentials.

So you only have to change user name and password in one account instead doing this for every single one if the credentials change later.

After you have created an account entry for the server you then can use the feed URL within the Notes feed reader and you will get authenticated automatically.

Notes 8 and RSS feeds with authentication
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