The message comes a little bit late because of my holidays:

Some days ago version of Lotus Quickr (Services for Domino) aka Lotus Quickr version 8.0 fix pack 1 has been released.

Please make sure that you also install the already available hotfix 1 for this new version which is available on FixCentral.

Important: There seems to be some confusion as there are still two different files on FixCentral. One is called "" and the other "". You MUST use the file called "" which should (among others) contain a file HaikuCommonForms.ntf with a file size of 8192 kB and a file date from November 1st 2007.

The Lotus Quickr Version is currenly for the English version of Quickr only. If you want to use the language packs for Quickr please do not install this fix pack as it is not compatible with the language packs.

Don't forget to reinstall the Quickr Connectors with the new version delivered with (however the release number of the new connector seems to be ...).

Lotus Quickr (Services for Domino) released
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