If your preferred browser language is set to German (or another non-English language) you might experience the problem that Sametime awareness is not working in Lotus Connections or Lotus Quickr (J2EE services).

To correct this you need to edit the file "res.js" on your Sametime server. The file resides in the directory (..\domino\html\sametime\stlinks\de ("de" for German, you might need to use the directory for your language)).

Update the line




Afterwards do not forget to copy the file "res.js" into the STLINKS directory on your Lotus Quickr or Lotus Connections server (you have copied the STLINKS directory before to enable Sametime integration).

After restarting all servers awareness will work correctly.

[Thanks to Hagen Bauer]

Sametime awareness not working in Lotus Quickr/Connections
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