Lotus Quickr: Hotfix 2 for Quickr available

by Michael Urspringer - 22.11.2007

On FixCentral there is the new Hotfix 2 for Lotus Quickr (Domino Services) available. It replaces Hotfix 1 so you do not need to install both hotfixes.

If you already had installed Hotfix 1 you just have to replace the files with the newer versions in the ZIP file and copy the additional files to your Quickr server.

Again some files do have the read-only attribut set and you should remove it after copying (this time the files going to the Quickr HTML Common directory are affected which might not be a problem but you never know…)

After restarting the server you have to run the following commands (the same as after installing Hotfix 1):

load qptool upgrade -f -server
load qptool unlock -a
load qptool upgrade -f -a

Afterwards restart the HTTP task and everything should be fine.

Although not mentioned in the fix list subscribing to Quickr feeds with Firefox 2.0 now seems to work correctly. [Update: It does work for team places and wikis but still not for blogs …]

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2 Responses to Lotus Quickr: Hotfix 2 for Quickr available

  1. Und inzwischen ist HF3 verfügbar. Ist es möglich, dass das Produkt noch nicht so ganz produktionsreif ist? Zumindest lässt die Menge an Fixes darauf schließen.

  2. Na, na… das heisst nur, dass IBM schnell auf jeden Fehler reagiert 🙂

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