If you want to use SSL for Lotus Quickr (Domino Services) you have to do three four different things:


1. Configure the Domino HTTP task correctly for HTTPS

2. Activate SSL for the Domain catalog server and set the correct port numberi n QPCONFIG.XML:

<search_places …..”> 
   <domain_catalog_server ssl=”true”> 

3. Activate SSL for cluster

   <master ….. ssl=”true”> 

Important: It is not quite obvious that you have to do step 3 also in a non-clustered environment. But if you do not add this configuration option you end up with connector links which do no longer work. Instead of links like “https://servername.domain/……” you get links like “https://servername.domain:80/……” which will not work because of the wrong port number.


There is another thing to do:

4. Unregister and register the server again:

On the Domino server console run the following commands:

load qptool unregister -server
load qptool register -server

Otherwise the links in MyPlaces will still point to “http://” instead of “https://”.

Using SSL with Lotus Quickr (Domino)
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One thought on “Using SSL with Lotus Quickr (Domino)

  • 03.07.2008 at 08:42

    Thank you for this good article – it helped really. But do I have to configure the database properties manually in the domino administrator to avoid using them with http or is there another way to go?

    Thank you in advance,


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