This time I just modify my last post from yesterday evening …. instead of Hotfix 6 it now reads simply Hotfix 7 🙂

This time I am a little bit late…. Hotfix 6 Hotfix 7 for Lotus Quickr (Domino Services) is out since yesterday. BTW: There was no public Hotfix 5 as far as I know …


In the hotfix documentation you now will also find some instructions what to do after applying the fix.

I am not sure if the comamnds are in the correct order as they write:
• Upgrade all the places and Placetypes:
load qptool upgrade -f –a
• Upgrade all the databases on the server:
load qptool upgrade -f –server
I am quite sure that you should do it the other way round (as it was decsribed in the past) but I am still trying to verify this.

They now have corrected the order in the readme of Hotfix 7.

In addition to the commands you have to run in the past you now should also unregister and register all places again afterwards:

load qptool unregister -a -placecatalog
load qptool register -a -placecatalog

Lotus Quickr (Domino) Hotfix 6Hotfix 7
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2 thoughts on “Lotus Quickr (Domino) Hotfix 6Hotfix 7

  • 08.01.2008 at 22:54

    HF7 readme recommends to run the same commands
    which caused managers to become superusers during
    the upgrade to as you have written:

    • Upgrade all the places and Placetypes:
    load qptool upgrade -f –a

    Will the error happen also when running the command during
    during HF 7 install or is it fixed ? Have you tested thios ?
    this ?


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