I was asked several times if there is an unattended installation available for the Lotus Quickr connectors please find here the link to a corresponding IBM technote which describes how to do that.

With an unattended (quiet) installation you should also be able to install Lotus Quickr connectors via your software distribution system even if your users do not have administrative rights on their machins.

I was not able to test it with a distribution system until now but did some tests with an unattended installation via the Windows scheduler task (running with an user who has admin rights) and this worked perfectly.

If you want to pre-configure connector settings (e.g. the name of your Quickr servers)you can do that by adding the corresponding registry keys which are saved under

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IBM\Lotus Quickr\Desktop Integration\Servers]

Update [2009-02-19]:

After you perform a silent installation of the Lotus Quickr Connectors, the connectors are installed successfully but might not be listed in the Add/Remove programs list in Microsoft Windows. To resolve this issue, add the following switch to the command line for the silent install: ALLUSERS=2

Update [2009-10-22]:

See also this posting for upgrading an existing installation.

Unattended installation of Lotus Quickr connectors
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One thought on “Unattended installation of Lotus Quickr connectors

  • 21.03.2008 at 21:56

    qhickr plugin for integrated sametime 801 only shows up under profile quickr was installed for. the quickr install should be multiuser and install under all windows profiles


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